How the pandemic has changed our timber garage business

How the pandemic has changed our timber garage business Opinion Piece

We’ve been selling timber garages for over 70 years. Like many long established family businesses, we’ve had our ups and downs and have experienced many changes in the way the company operates.


But the COVID-19 pandemic has presented our timber garage company with unprecedented challenges and the trading environment that we are currently experiencing is different to anything that we have encountered before.


Pre-pandemic, the majority of our timber garage orders were simply that; as a classic timber garage, for housing vehicles, maybe with some workshop space and additional storage.


Now, many of our customers are looking for an extra dimension; maybe a home office, a garden studio or a gym to complement their timber garage and free up space in the house.


We are also facing a time of materials shortages and rising costs, as the global economy emerges from the pandemic and there is a huge surge in housebuilding, home improvements and infrastructure projects.


This is not just affecting manufacturers of timber garages. Supply chain issues are being seen right across the construction industry, with shortages of timber, concrete, roof tiles, steel and ironmongery.


Passmores is well placed to cope with these shortages, thanks to judicious buying of raw materials and long term arrangements with our main supplier of sustainable Scandinavian timber.

Timber Garage Buying Guide

Buying a timber garage is an investment decision and as such, it’s important to have all the facts at your disposal before making your choice. We’ve compiled this guide to help answer the most common questions we get asked about our range of timber garages. We hope you find it useful and that it helps provide the information you need to feel comfortable with your choice.