Timber double garages

Timber double garages

Quality timber double garages - sustainable and built to last

Quality Timber Double Garages

British made Timber Garages and Carriage Houses with over 110 years of heritage


Passmores is in the enviable position of being the UK’s leading timber garden building and wooden garage manufacturer. We have been expertly crafting long-lasting timber buildings of the highest quality since 1909. Our product range includes timber clad Wooden Garages (single, double & three-bay), Carriage Houses, Open Barn Garages, Sports Pavilions, Equestrian Buildings, and Garden Sheds.




Double Garages made from ethically sourced timber


Our most popular type of building is our timber double garage. Our double garages are made from the highest quality timber to be found; sourced from beautiful and towering Redwood trees (Sequoia sempervirens) from Northern Sweden. We only work with a premium quality timber manufacturer to ensure that your double garage is made to last and is of exceptional quality.

Here at Passmores, we care not only care about the quality of our products but also about the environment as well. Our expert craftsmen only use timber that has been ethically harvested to protect Sweden’s forests. For every tree that is harvested, two more are planted, ensuring the forests are never depleted. 





Double timber garages that are versatile and built to last


All our timber double garages are built in the UK, which means that quality control is first class, and they are built to last. Whether you need a larger space to park more everyday vehicles, safely protect your classic car from the elements or want to have a double garage with a workshop, we have the option for you. There’s plenty of room for vehicles, as well as garden machinery or as a space to store tools.

All our timber double garages are designed in-house, and hand made in our factory in Rochester, Kent. This includes our prefabricated double garage kits. Our garage kits are available for customers that wish to try their hand at erecting their own timber garage or getting a local builder to do it.

All buildings that arrive in kit form are 100% complete with everything you need to put your double garage together, right down to the nuts and bolts. If this isn’t something you’re interested in, we have a team of professional builders ready to arrive with your large garage to construct it for you.





Design & Customise your Double Garage

You can design your own double garage on our website from a range of styles available, ensuring your investment is built perfectly to your needs. We have a wide array of finishes for the roof of your garage to match your home and your preferred style. You can choose from natural slate tiles, red roman roof tiles or handmade clay roof tiles. You can also select the pitch of the roof and choose the door and window options.

If you are searching for an open-fronted building, then why not check out our range of Open Barns and Carriage Houses. These are a slightly different style and give you the flexibility of having an open car bay with enclosed space alongside. For more double garage inspiration, check out our Wooden Garages Styles Gallery.


Garage Styles & Pricing

For more information, find our double garage pricing here, and download our garage brochure.You can also estimate the cost of your timber double garage and build your own using our pricing calculator, or you can call us directly to learn more about the options available for your double garage.

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Create your own timber garage in just 5 minutes

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